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The Lessons My Littles Teach Me

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Do you ever feel little one’s have the ability to teach us life lesson’s?

It’s as if they aren’t jaded by the experiences of life we’ve been through as adults, and they look at life through such an innocent window.

I experienced this with my six year old yesterday. God reach down and gave me a sweet little heart check through the actions of a babe.

The last couple of months, we as a family have begun doing respite foster care. The goal of this is to have someone temporarily take care of the kiddos, “Bonus Kids,” as I’ve always referred to them, when their foster parents are out of town or something such as this.

This month, we had two precious boys for 12 days. Our boys wrapped them up with love and helped us invite them into the house. When the boys left, they were followed by two sisters, who simply stayed one day. As we were about to take them to meet up with their foster mom, I could hear our youngest telling them he wanted to give them toys. He has the most giving heart.

As he was making his little piles of small toys, my selfish eyes would secretly peek over to see what he was passing on. The toys passed my inspection, so I allowed them to continue on without saying anything.

We loaded up, and got into the van to head to Wal-Mart where we were going to meet. As I drove along, one of the oh so excited little girls, around the age of five, pulled out one of her toys. She looked at Garrett with her sweet eyes, and said, “Thank you for my truck!” I looked in the mirror and I felt the knot in my stomach.

My heart remembers where the three inch truck came from. This momma remembers my boys pushing it on the floor with their little chubby fingers. As my mouth was about to open, God said, “Shhhhh.”

The thing is, Garrett knows the trucks special, and he lovingly unselfishly passed it on to her. My memories will be there whether the truck’s in the bottom of the toy box or not. IF I would’ve opened my mouth, that moment of me keeping the toy, would be a memory for her… while the truck continued to stay at the bottom of the toy box.

My heart was definitely adjusted yesterday, by the interactions of innocent children.

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