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The gift of love...

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Your see these two smiling faces?

Well these are my parents, but most of you know them as

nana and poppy...

Each day my family is blessed with either a text, phone call or visit from these two. Spoiler alert: they live ten minutes from me and thank goodness.

These two souls have been around for every part of my life and often drop what they are doing to support me in any way they can.

I have been blessed.

Blessed that that they were both present for the birth of each of my girls, waiting patiently to hear the news and celebrate.

Nana was even in the room for the birth of my eldest (who knew that was going to happen)?

But that is a moment she holds so dear to her heart.

I realistically know that being a mom of four girls, all born within three and a half years, would have been near impossible without the help of my parents.

The girls have a unique and special bond with nana and one that is based on love, support and knowing deep inside they can rely on her at all times.

They rely on the countless hours she used to spend with them making iPhoto distorted faces, playing board games, baking and making meatballs when they were little.

They rely on knowing that when she used to sleep over it was a treat to stay up playing games on the iPad way after bed time, and have lots of snuggles on the couch while watching way too much tv and eating bowls of ice cream.

They rely on knowing that nana and poppy attend every dance recital, countless lacrosse, soccer and volleyball games, band and chorus concerts ( even when I may have had the kid who lip syncs), graduations and basically every life event that takes place in their grandchildren’s lives. And that doesn’t include the non-events in our lives and just a normal boring day.

They rely on knowing that they stop by with yummy baked goods just to say hi, grab some hugs and kisses and stay for a bit just to catch up on what is happening in everyone’s lives.

And who else besides nana and poppy can we call, last minute, when we lose power during hybrid learning and need to rush over to use the Wi-Fi?

Who else rushes out to pick up bagels and buys Diet Coke just for me, knowing we are planted there for the day?

And who else starts making pancakes, turkey bacon and brownies before we even head over and sets out the nice dishes and silverware?

So you see, this may sound simple but it’s the simplicity that we all rely on.

We rely on knowing that Christmas Eve will always begin at 2 PM.

Yes, that’s right, we start that early!

We rely on knowing that when we leave for church at 4:30 PM, the lasagna bakes while we are singing “Oh, holy night”.

We rely on when we return home there will be dinner, Christmas cookies, gifts and Johnny Mathis’ Christmas album playing in the background.

It’s simply beautiful, filled with love and joy, as the true meaning of Christmas fills the air.

It’s the simplicity in knowing we have a constant support system.

It’s the simplicity in knowing there is so much laughter, that often snorting is not too far behind.

It’s the simplicity in knowing we are loved by the simple act of baking a pound cake, driving to another dance lesson or cheering on the volleyball team while watching in the stands.

It’s the simplicity that we cherish each and every day.

So, for me, it’s simple...

these two souls bless us each and every day with one simple gesture...

the gift of love.

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