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Challenge: Lunchbox Hero

The Day I Realized They Were Throwing Their Lunches in the Trash

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I was at school one day and decided to pop in and surprise my son as he ate lunch. But, I am the one who was surprised. He was just getting up to throw away the sandwich I had packed. Guess my PB didn't exactly pack a punch.

When faced with the lunch inquisition, all three boys admitted sandwiches were boring and usually flattened and gross by the time they ate them. I had tried the crafty, sectioned tupperware and they NEVER brought it home. It was costing me a fortune.

Knowing how much they loved lunchables, we came up with our own version. They get crackers some days, small pitas or bagels others. I mix up lunch meats, pepperoni, interesting cheeses (let me just say that I am volunteering to be the President of the Smoked Guda with Bacon fan club) and let them have at it.

The other bonus is that this lets me use what is on hand. It is easy to look creative when you are just cleaning out the fridge and pantry. We save the boring peanut butter for snacks after school with celery.

Everything goes in ziplock bags so no lost plastic containers to contend with which makes my wallet a happy camper.

I add fruit (although only grapes and strawberries seem to hardy enough to survive) a dessert of some kind and some chips.

They think they are just snacking but I know they are getting a sampling of a variety of food groups in one meal.

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