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Challenge: Romance After Kids

The Couple That Sweats Together: How Our Morning Routine Brought Us Closer Together

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The new year brought new resolutions and my husband and I found that our some of our healthy goals brought us closer together. A little morning routine we started on a whim produced some unexpected positive, consequences!

Working out has always been a part of my routine whether it is walking with a friend or taking an exercise class at my local gym. However, it has been a while since my husband and I were each other's work out buddies.

One morning a few months ago, I asked my husband if he wanted to join me in doing a Youtube workout. He obligingly agree to do it. However, my husband grumbled his way through the workout and I was about ready turn the video off. It seems we didn't see eye to eye on what a workout buddy means. I was looking for an upbeat workout partner and he was looking for a partner who liked to commiserate with him. After the workout was over, I thought that there was no way we would be exercising together again.

Then the next day, to my surprise, my husband asked me if he could work out with me again. Little did we know that a new routine was forming. One workout led to another and before we knew it we had worked out every single morning for a month.

While the actual exercise was really nice, what was even more rewarding was the unexpected positive outcomes that resulted. For those 20-30 minutes of the day, my husband and I were bonding over tough workouts and sore muscles.

We started talking through our workouts. Our conversations sure made the time go faster! Sometimes we just laughed over silly stuff and other times we discussed small and bigger issues our kids were working through. It is in these moments of the day that we are truly connecting. Some days, this is the only one on one time that we get!

All told, we rack up an extra two-three hours per week of talking to one another. Years ago, I might not have found this experience to be a very romantic date idea. However, now in the season of life we are in, I am happy with any time that my husband and I have alone together. I have re-framed my expectation of quality time. Sometimes we have to adjust our expectations and realize that 'dating' your spouse doesn't have to mean hiring a babysitter and a fancy dinner.

We are connecting more than we have in a long time. We talk about our workout time throughout the day and send each other texts about how sore our muscles are and how hard our next day's workout will be.

We are showing up and making the time. Who knows how long this morning routine will continue. Things change and schedules change. But from this experience, my husband and I are realizing how important it is to make the time. It is no easy feat to carve out that quality time in the busyness of raising kids, but we are committed to making it happen.

How do you and your spouse make time for each other?

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