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The blessing of 76 hours

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76 hours...

alone with one of my daughters.

A gift my arms need to embrace…

Hours to hear thoughts without any interruptions.

Hours to dote on her and only her.

Hours to hear visions and goals she has never shared before.

Hours to hear and see her kindness seep out into the world.

Hours of laughing… the pure laughter where a little snort or tears may make a visit.

Hours of being reminded of how blessed I truly am to have the rest of my life with my sweet girl.

76 hours…my heart sighs…

She is growing up and I’m savoring each moment.

Do I want to press pause some days, of course.

Do I want to go back to simpler days of swinging on the swings and having a picnic lunch, yes.

But my memory bank is overflowing with memories of this sweet one, as a little girl, and as her mama I have to move forward along with her.

I have to accept she is not the little girl I used to sing lullaby’s to over and over again each night before kissing her forehead, spraying monster spray and turning on the night light for sweet dreams to take over.

She is a budding teenager filling me up daily with her kindness and heart of joy.

To hold her back, as the little girl I often visualize, would only be a disservice for she has nothing short of spectacular to share with the world.

So for now I’ll hold her close, feeling her heart beat with mine, knowing my time with her is priceless.

76 hours…
my memory bank will forever store this precious gift.

A gift I will unwrap over and over again for a lifetime.

76 hours…

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