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The Best Hair Care When It's Done By Your Mother

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Mothers are the epitome of love, care, and nourishment for her child in every possible and impossible manner. A mother carries you in her womb for nine months but she holds you in her heart forever.

For her, you have always been and will always be above and before anybody and anything. She takes care of everything about you, from your little needs to your biggest requirements, from your tiny requests to your huge demands. She stands responsible for it all.


One such care that all of us should focus on but usually ends up ignoring in this running lifestyle is the care and nourishment of our hair. And, you all would agree that none can do it better than a mother does. In fact, nobody can even come close to the way she does it.

Hair care is so much more than what it usually seems to be. It is not just about a good shampoo and conditioner or some branded oil, it is everything beyond cosmetics.

1. Weekly oil massages:

When we were young, these oil massages used to happen daily. But, now it barely happens once a week. That is how you know you have grown up and have some responsibilities to fulfill. What happens is, the moment your mother sees something inappropriate with your hair she would simply ask you to sit with her for an oil massage.

She knows how crucially important they are for good looking hair. Every mother would want her child to look the most beautiful/handsome amongst the rest. Those oil massages done with so much love and care is the hidden gems behind that good and healthy hair you see around yourself.

2. Selection of a good shampoo and conditioner:

Mothers always have the best taste when it comes to cosmetics. Females are blessed with that. Hence, selection of a mild gentle shampoo and conditioner that will not just wash but provide your hair with all the required elements which are very necessary.

Daily use of shampoos and conditioners weakens the roots of your hair, therefore, they must be used alternatively or twice a week to get the best results followed by the use of a good moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair smooth and your scalp clean to avoid dandruff.


3. Avoid clinical treatments:

The world has gone crazy over those never-ending clinical trends that exist today; rebounding, smoothing, straightening, hair color, hair gels and what not. But, your mother would never find you looking your best until you carry that natural looking hair, at least mine does not.

All these clinical treatments stay for a considerable period of time, thus, leaving your hair looking terrible ones the effect goes away. They give you the desired look but all that is temporary and comes at the cost of your hair damage. So, you should listen to your mother when she advises you to stay natural. After all, mother knows it all.

4. Timely hair trimming and cutting:

Timely hair trimming sessions are must be done if you are a lover of long hair and timely hair cutting sessions must be followed if you love experimenting on your looks.

These salon meetings with your mothers are the best as she knows how to make you look perfect with haircut inspirations by hairstylesfeed. One must follow this to get rid of unwanted split ends and dead hair that hinder the growth of your hair and also damages them.


5. Home remedies:

How can we talk about hair care in association with mothers and not remember those innumerable home remedies for all our hair problems that we have grown up listening to?

No matter which origin you belong to and what kind of issue it is, your mother will always have something in her kitchen or garden which is the perfect solution to all that bothers your hair. You can always rely on your mother and her amusing remedies to cure all your hair problems.

Hair care isn't that easy as it seems to be. It is a tough job, especially when you have to do it for nobody else but yourself. And whatever is tough for us, it is always easier for our mothers. So, you can always rely and depend on her for the same as you do for everything else.

Hair care and its nourishment routines don't really require those high facilities of a salon that barely assures the best results and digs up a hole in your pocket as well. A good hair care routine involves some quality time with you and your mother. No matter the problem, she always have a method to cure all your ailments better than anybody else.

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