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The Bath From Hell

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When I was 5-months pregnant with my second child, we decided to take my first son to Disney World! I had a work trip to make to Orlando, so we tacked on several days of family time. Our first real family vacation, and our last trip as a family of 3.


It was our first full day there. When I got back to the hotel from work, my husband and son were just getting back to the room. They had spent the day playing mini golf at our hotel and hanging out by the pool. We decided to get ready and go somewhere for dinner.

My son needed a bath. He hadn’t had one since we arrived in Orlando. We filled up the tub and put him in. Once his hair was ready to be rinsed he laid back in the water. That’s when it happened!

My husband leaned over the tub to help rinse his hair. When he did he accidentally bumped the button to turn on the jets. You see this was a jetted tub. My son knew nothing about jetted tubs! As those jets roared to life, my son launched himself upright faster than we had ever seen. Screaming, crying, clawing my husband to get himself out of that tub.

We got the jets turned off. Started to get him calmed down. Explained what happened and the purpose of the jets.

He wanted NOTHING to do with that tub! Just the shear mention of getting a bath the rest of that trip and we were met with immediate crying, pleading, begging. The worst part? His new found fear of baths didn’t end there. It continued when we got home. Regardless of us explaining that we didn’t have jets in our tub, there was no getting him in there.

The kid that used to love taking a bath, was suddenly terrified of all baths. We felt horrible! He did eventually get over it. It took a good year though!

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