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Challenge: Finding Your Voice as a Parent

​10 Parenting Philosophies That Make Me Wish Kelly Clarkson Was My BFF

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This week, I was invited to attend a TODAY Parenting Team discussion about parenthood with Kelly Clarkson of “The Voice,” TODAY co-anchor Sheinelle Jones and TODAY Parents Editor Rebecca Dube. To say that I felt like I had found my long lost soul sister would be an understatement. Kelly Clarkson is an intensely down-to-earth superstar who you want to come over for wine and mac and cheese. Loved these parenting tips of hers!

1. Walk away.
When things get bad, she reminds herself to walk away before they get ugly.

2. Ground kids from their rooms.
A hack she learned from her mom, this involves being forced to hang with the rents 24/7, with not one toe allowed into personal space. (Your mother even gets your clothes for you.)

3. Naps keep people from being Satan.
Ummm, yes and that applies to moms, too.

4. Just do it because it matters.
You know when you’re so frickin’ tired and you want to check out? Don’t. Spend time with your kids because it matters.

5. The good moments are the ones you didn’t foresee coming.
Ahhh, yes, no need to always — or ever, for that matter — plan extravagant outings.

6. Listen to them.
Like, really listen, without letting your brain jump to the next thing.

7. Make your kids feel important.
It’s so hard to find time for everything and everyone, but our kids need to feel like they are the stars in our eyes.

8. If you have more than one child, take one away, even though it’s hard to do.
A personal favorite of mine because yes, it is bread for the soul for you both.

9. It’s OK to take time for yourself.
More than OK — it's crucial for survival and for being a better you.

10. We’re all doing the best we can.
Says the wife/mother/singer who describes her family as a circus.


Watch the TODAY Parenting Team discussion with Kelly Clarkson here:

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