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Tears don’t mean you’re failing, mom

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Tears don’t mean you’re failing, mom.

Little ones have big emotions.

Sometimes those emotions equal huge smiles and slaphappy childhood giggles, and sometimes those emotions culminate in watery bundles dripping down their cheeks.

Tears can have so many definitions. Especially in small people. They can be a sign of frustration and anger, sure. But they can also mean he is overtired, overwhelmed, or just flat out needs to express how his insides are feeling and he hasn’t figured out another way yet.

Meltdowns are no fun for anyone. But mama let me tell you, if your gorgeous offspring is having one in public I’ll look at you in the eyes, smile in solidarity, and probably tell you to keep your chin up because you’re doing a great job. Because you are.

Tears are a necessity. Letting your littles feel their emotions truly and in real time does not make you a failure. It makes you in tune with your child and his needs. It probably also means you’re teaching him discipline and understanding.

Tears are not a sign of failure. They are most often a sign of growth. And guess what? They don’t last forever. That much I can promise you.

Let your babies cry if they need to. We all get feels from time to time.

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