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Teaching Kids About the Academy Awards

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The 94th annual Academy Awards are just around the corner, and this is great opportunity for parents to plan their own awards ceremony for their children. As younger actors, animated films, and children’s movies are nominated every year, kids are becoming more aware of the Academy Awards. Parents can use this time to reward their children for academic achievement and good behavior, as well as educating them on the importance of the arts. Here are some suggestions for parents for planning their own awards ceremonies:

  1. Plan An Awards Party

Parents can plan a special dinner and movie night (Oscar related) with their kids by inviting family and friends. They can make their favorite foods and have them pick out a movie to watch that night. This is a great opportunity to celebrate their achievements in school, art, and music for good grades.

2. Encourage Kids to Dress Up

It might be a good idea to encourage kids to wear a nice outfit for this special night. It doesn’t have to be formal but maybe business causal. This can teach kids how to dress appropriately for certain events such as: family gatherings, weddings, and banquets.

3. Create Your Own Awards (good grades and behavior)

Parents can create their own awards for excellent grades and behavior by making certificates and coupons for their kids. The coupons can give them a free pass to the movies, I-tunes, CD’s or even clothes. Parents can put these awards in envelopes like the Academy awards does when they reveal the winners.

4. Play Movie Games

Another activity that parents can plan is play movie games with their kids by having them write down their favorite Oscar nominated film of the year. They can share their favorite songs of the year and what they mean to them. Kids also can play games through celebrity word searches and crossword puzzles.

5. Educate The Importance of Arts/Music

It is so vital to teach kids about arts and music because it helps with achievement tests and helps them with their creativity. It can assist kids with having higher math and science scores because it helps with problem solving skills and thinking outside the box. Kids can learn a series of events through music such as history dates, math formulas and the periodic table.

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