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Water flows from the tap to sink

So to begin with, I'm a big believer in walking the talk.

And therefore, whatever you're saying or trying to teach to your child needs to be fully backed up by your actions.

So it was a few months ago, out youngest child began to talk about feeling slighly unwell, and over time, I realized he was complaining of this soon after he has consumed water from the tap.

I tried my best to test this, over a few weeks, as there are so many things that children do (playing in mud, picking their noses, etc) that could cause them to challenge their immune system and feel unwell.

As the weeks progressed, the water from our tap seemed to be the only cause for this, and I was certain about it when my wife started to complain about the same issue.

After doing research, and taking samples of the water, I found that the water we're getting within our tap is particularly dirty. Therefore, I had to do something about this.

Well, after hours upon hours of research, I came across an article which talks about ionizing water, and in particular, how alkaline water ionizer machines can help in numerous ways to restore your water supply.

There are studies like the one here, which highlight the importance of consuming alkaline water.

Macro Photography of a Stainless Steel Faucet

Here's some more information on the topic if you're looking at purchasing an alkaline water ionizer machine/system.

As I understand it, you can either buy countertop or undercounter alkaline water ionizer systems.

I've included all of the benefits of using such a system below:

- Increases hydration

- Boosts immunity

- Reverses signs of aging

- Helps in weight loss

- Keeps diabetes in control

- Detoxes the body

Woman in White Tank Top Standing on Concrete Surface

Well, I got the system in December of 2019, and I installed it immediately.

My wife and son have not complained once about feeling unwell whilst drinking the water, and not only that, but although this may be a placebo, I feel so much healthier and revitalized than I have done before.

I personally think it's very logical, because we consume water within our houses on a daily basis, so why wouldn't if have a direct effect on our health and mood.

None-the-less, I wanted to share this with everyone who reads my blogs on

I really hope it helps, and maybe even convinces you to get one for your home.

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