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Challenge: Back to School

Teacher/parent camaraderie is alive and well

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While I know all don't echo my sentiments, teacher/parent camaraderie is alive and well, and it's really what's keeping educators, their students, and many parents going during this pandemic.

Weekly, in her recap/update, my son's amazing teacher thanks us, her students' parents, for the amazing job we are doing. My daughter's teacher does the same. And, I've got to tell you that those little virtual pats on the back, they renew me and reinvigorate me after a long week of helping with e-learning for my three under the age of nine.

I, too, try to find time each week to send them a note of appreciation because God knows they sure don't get enough of that (or pay).
It doesn't take a lot to fill a bucket.

A bucket filled with even the tiniest act of kindness is so much more fun and inspiring to carry around than an empty bucket, and that's just a fact.

Every day, teachers all over the country are filling our incredibly resilient kids' buckets, often at the depletion of their own.

And, probably never more than now in this age of corona, parents all over the country are filling those same kids buckets also so often resulting in an empty bucket for themselves.

So what a wonderful surprise it's been to see so many parents and teachers coming together, in the name of children and learning, and supporting the hell out of each other.

Teachers and parents and even kids — you may not think you're doing enough, but if you ask me, I believe we are all doing incredible, given these wonky circumstances, and the more we can remind each other of that, the better.

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