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Target- The Early Years

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Target- the early years

Hi Mom of screaming toddler I saw you at Target today in your yoga pants and baseball hat. I know you are just counting the hours until nap time. A quick trip to Target for essentials turned into a full out tantrum in the toy aisle. We've all been there so don't worry if you felt like you were failing as your little man single handedly destroyed the puzzle section. Those stares were just to make sure you were okay and to empathize.

Nap time is only an hour away. You got this.

I don't want to burst your bubble or anything but it really doesn't get easier. Oh sure. They wipe their own butts but you're still telling them to wipe their faces. Broccoli struggles? Yup. Eating the colors of the rainbow was easier when they were in pull ups.

Terrible two's had nothing on the tantrum-y threes.

Doing the woot woot in between the "where did my baby go tears" as they hop onto the school bus for Kindergarten? Soon you will have independent reading charts to log and science fair projects to complete (I mean. Help your kid complete. Said no parent ever)

Acne and asshole attitudes Braces and behaviors Smelly kids and social media

Who said each year gets easier?

Sure I no longer have to pay for babysitters and can enjoy a whole meal in peace. I take leisurely strolls through Target now I no longer dread flights on airplane or long car rides because they entertain themselves (and by entertaining themselves I mean headphones and screens)

Each stage is exhausting; yet exhilarating. Each stage challenging; yet rewarding.

I found myself wishing away time... wanting them to be more independent (now I long for the days of them needing me) wanting them to go to bed so I could read a grown up book (what I would not do for some snuggle time at bedtime) wanting them to pee in a toilet (what I would not do for them actually getting the pee IN the toilet)

Dear Mom in Target I know you're tired I know you wish you could shower for longer than 2 minutes. I promise you that some day you will have that luxury.

Hold on to these years Some day you will miss them

but you still end up at Target in yoga pants and a baseball hat. That's dress code for being a Mom Wear that outfit proudly.

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