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Challenge: We love our pets

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I believe pets are one of the best things on this planet and dogs are indeed man’s best friends.

It is truly amazing that the pets sense our wants and needs even before we realize them. They are furry and cuddly and give unconditional love. They bring joy and happiness in our life and are forever happy to see their masters by their side.

The sheer sense of belonging gives them comfort and they are ready to shower us with innocent love. Just give them their favorite meal and see how they spin around in joy. It is fun to watch them prance in happiness.

However, it is up to us to make them feel wanted and loved and give back at least part of the abundant, unconditional love that we get from them.

Life is short and full of uncertainty. Therefore, it is wise to share your feelings with the loved ones before it is too late.

Many a times we take things and people around us for granted and do not spare time to pay attention to their needs and wants. Our pets are nothing short of being our family members. Hence, make them understand the importance of their presence in your life.

In our busy and hectic schedule, we seldom find time to retrospect and understand what we have gained and what we have lost in our life. We miss small joys in life like smelling a sweet flower like rose or telling our loved ones what they really mean to us and their importance in our life.

Dogs bring immense joy in one’s life, especially of lonely individuals. They not only give company, but also stay by your side ever faithfully and lovingly. They serve their owners loyally till their last breath. It is only when they cross that rainbow bridge to travel to the world on the other side that we realize how much we miss them.

No living beings – humans or animals, are immortal. We all know that one day each one has to pass away from this world in another wonderful world, to be one with the Creator.

Nonetheless, death of a loved and near and dear one leaves a great void in our life. Why is it that after we lose our dear ones, we realize their true place and importance in our life? Why is it that all through their life, we take these souls for granted and pay little or no heed to them? Is it so difficult to show them or say that you care and love them, as much as they love you?

Why do we wait till the last moment to profess our love for someone, even if it means our furry pets? All that they need is a gentle pat of assurance and a tender hug to say that you care.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue is a place that does remarkable work of helping people as well as pets. The place offers shelter to abandoned pets, where they are given food and love that they seek so fervently.

Indeed, we should be thankful to the fur babies and our family that bring love and happiness in this life.


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