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Take a deep breath, then a next step

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Take a deep breath, then a next step.

That's all that you must do --
with any mountain you're trying to climb,
any challenge you are facing,
any unexpected curveball coming right for your easily-rattled, semi-weary being.

Take a deep breath, then a next step.

Because all you have to do to keep moving forward is to keep doing...

and never stopping.

I think that far too much emphasis is placed on glorifying the output and far too little on revering the effort.

The continued effort.

The lingering "give a damn."

I don't care what it is you think you're not capable of; you're just dead wrong.

just like me,
and just like every other heart beating, soul-housing human on this planet,
has what it takes to take on whatever life chucks your way -- you just have to get out of your own dang way.

You have to leave fear behind.

You have to throw a little dumpster fire and trash any and all self-deprecating beliefs and debilitating anxieties.

You have to look in the mirror, marvel at the
and hella' worthy person that you are,

and tell yourself,

"Deep breath. Then a next step."

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