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Take a break

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​We as parents are supposed to be "on" all of the time right? We are ready to kiss an owie or give a big hug during a crisis. For the most part I am sure all of us are but sometimes we need a break. I am going to admit something here; sometimes I just need a little me time. I love my daughter so much and being able to stay at home with her is wonderful but there are days that I want to rip my hair out. Working mom or stay at home it doesn't matter we all need a break.

I need to take my own advice and I don't do it as much as I should. We are all human and trying to do what is best for our children in this world where everyone is judging each other it can be hard sometimes. I feel like I should not want time to myself because I waited so long to become a mom. But when I do take a break I realize it is not only good for me but good for my daughter too. She needs to socialize with others just as much as I do. Whether I go alone or with friends I always come back from an outing feeling refreshed and ready to play. I have even perfected the art of dining alone. I pick a quiet spot and have a lunch or dinner alone with my electronic device or book and no one is grabbing anything and pushing buttons. Oh it is wonderful. I really don't feel silly eating alone anymore because it is such a treat to have a plate in front of me that little toddler hands are not grabbing things off of .

Of course there are those rare date nights with your partner that are a must. It is great to both be refreshed together and get some couple time in. I hope I am not the only one but sometimes I might get a little jealous when my husband gets some social time and I have been stuck at home for an extended period of time. Another plus of getting out and about together.

Then there are those times where you are stuck at home with the kids and there is no escape. Maybe they are throwing a tantrum because their favorite show is over or there was a small collision. Whatever the case may be the walls and children are closing in on you. There is the old standby; the bathroom. The bathroom can be a sanctuary until the children figure out you are in there. Maybe you will get a five minute break if you are lucky. Another break room in my house is the kitchen. I have my radio in there and I can turn the music on and pretend that I am out having drinks with my friends. Again that only works until the children find you. But hey; it's a break.

Regardless of what type of break you take just pick one and go with it. It is perfectly fine to have someone else step in so you can go and have some fun. Try not to let that guilt sink in and enjoy yourself. When you get home or out of your hiding place you will be recharged and ready to be "on" again.

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