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Challenge: My Dad Hero

Superman is alive and well

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Superman is alive and well.

And he resides in your home.

He's the daddy to your kids.

So much has been written and talked about regarding women,

particularly mothers,

and their handling of their kids and their job amidst this pandemic.

But, not much has been said about the impressive AF fellas who have continued to provide financially and emotionally for their families.

I think about the stress I feel as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mother of three who is

practicing social distancing,

not really going anywhere,

e-learning her kids in the fall,

and still trying to keep up with my passion, writing.

Oftentimes, it feels like a hell of a lot.

And then I think about the stress my husband must feel as a full-time, working, but for now, from home, father of three who is

also practicing social distancing,

not really going anywhere,

working in the same space his kids play in, as well as where they will be e-learning in the fall,

trying to keep his work output at a stellar level,

and supporting his wife and children who each look and count on him to be their solid and steady all-the-time rock.

I've got to imagine that for him, often, it feels like a hell of a lot, too.

It's taken twelve or so years to stop pinning him and me against each other and give up the game that is "Who worked harder today?"

The truth is that both of us selflessly give to

each other,

our children,

our families,

and this world,

to the best of our capabilities,

and on the day to day,

how that looks, well, it varies.

One thing that doesn't vary, though, is how effing much I admire the male human I am lucky as hell to share my life with;

the fantastic human my three blessed children get to call their father.

I don't tell him enough.

People don't talk about it enough.

But if you have a guy in your life who steps to the plate,

doesn't complain that's it's dirty 'cause you never got around to washing it,

cleans it himself,

then makes food and offers it to you and the kids first....

or a guy who puts money on the plate so that you can fill your plate doing and tending to what you love...

or a fella who delivers you a plate full of



and inspiration at every corner.

If you have a guy in your life who has been riding out this crazy, pandemic-plagued time with you and the mere sight of him brings a smile to your face and doesn't make you wanna run for the hills,

then I'd say,

Superman is alive and well,

he resides inside your home,

and let's give him the recognition he deserves.

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