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Challenge: Summer Fun

Summer Puzzles

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This weekend we got to sneak away to New Hampshire with family.

We were excited for some fun in the sun but the weather didn’t seem to care about our outdoor plans.

Instead, we saw lots and lots of rain.


So, we spent a lot of time playing board games, watching movies, and doing multiple 300-1000 piece puzzles.

As I watched our family of 10 in their puzzle process, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between the puzzles and life.

A couple of us would start a puzzle and together we’d sort through the edges and inside pieces.

Sometimes we talked. Sometimes we sat in silence.

As people got tired, they’d simply walk away from the table.

No one yelled for them to come back when they left and no one felt hurt when others needed a break.

Sometimes someone else would jump right in to take their place and pick up where they left off.

Sometimes the seat would stay empty for a bit.

Sometimes we’d realize that one of us was sharper at night and one of us was sharper in the morning.

Sometimes we’d realize that one of us was better at finding the edges and one of us was better at finding sections that fit together.

Sometimes we’d realize that someone with fresh eyes was needed.

Somehow, without fighting, without strategizing, and without giving up, we worked together to finish those puzzles.

And that’s the key to life right?

We need to work together with our people to solve the problems in front of us.

Because life has a funny way of not going our way.

Sometimes our people need to walk away from our puzzle for a bit.

Sometimes someone is there to jump right in.

Sometimes things feel quiet and there’s no progress for a bit.

Sometimes some people are better equipped than others.

But eventually, piece by piece, things get figured out and put together in the right way.

And a 1000 piece puzzle, just like life, is always easier when you have support.

And life, just like a 1000 piece puzzle, can benefit from trusting in the people on your team.


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