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Summer Learning Ideas for Parents. Keeping Kids' Minds Sharp Over the Summer

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Ideas for parents to use over the summer to keep kids occupied and learning.

When school lets out in June, kids are thrilled to be off for summer vacation. They want to think as little as possible about school and enjoy themselves as much as possible. Here are some easy ways to keep their minds sharp during the summer and make it fun.

Reading Rewards

Set up a reward system for number of books or chapters read over the summer. Think about what would motivate your child to read (lunch at Chucky Cheese? A trip to the pool? Beach vacation?), and set up a goal for him to reach.

For example: You are planning on taking a trip to the beach in early August. Make it a requirement that your child read a certain number of books or chapters by August first to earn the trip to the beach. Or instead, allow special rewards on the trip (quarters for the arcade? Extra round of putt putt golf?) based on the number of books or chapters your child reads.

Science Fun

Check out any book that has science experiments and make an afternoon out of it. If you get excited about the experiment and make it fun, your children will find it exciting and fun as well. Some ideas include the potato experiment, or setting up an aquarium. Help them make Oobleck, or Flubber as a fun afternoon activity.

Writing Skills

Start a mystery writing game with your children – see if they can guess where you are going on vacation, or where you are going to take them Saturday afternoon through a guessing game. Have them write letters asking questions, and write letters back giving them clues.

Math Madness

Use a reward system to encourage your children to help you figure out the gas mileage of your car in return for an ice cream cone or other treat. Encourage them to help you in the kitchen, or have them figure out how much time will go by until dinner before allowing them to have a snack.

Home Economics

Have your children plant their own garden, or make their own kite to fly on vacation. Have them help you with dinner or have them be in charge of dinner once a week. This would include planning, shopping for the food (you provide the money), and cooking.

Use your imagination and a bit of creativity to engage your children this summer and keep them sharp. Doing so will help keep them occupied, prevent boredom and get them ready for school in the fall. The most important thing to remember though, is to have fun!

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