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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Suck it up, Buttercup 'cause you are a gorgeous MOFO

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Hey you,

The one who is routinely unimpressed with herself; maybe even frustrated with the Big Dude for the face and body he cursed you with, or (gasp) irritated with those here on Earth who have caused those wrinkles, grey hairs, stretch marks, and saggy everything.

Hey you,

Suck it up, buttercup, because you are a woman who not only HAS and IS living life, but WHO GAVE LIFE -- one, two, three times over.

Hey you,

I don't care what you think you see when you look in the mirror because whatever cheap-arse spectacles you are viewing yourself through, they are comparable to beer-goggles and they are fudgin' shiitake up, including the daily vision and perception you have of yourself.

Hey you,

You're beautiful.

I repeat you are a gorgeous MOFO, you part-time potty mouth, fantastic full-time beast of a supermom.

Hey you,

I see you working on you, whenever you can finagle the time.

It shows, and you need to know that.

Hey you,

I get it. I know that aging isn't fun and it sure as heck isn't awesome that parenthood seems to accelerate the process.

Hey you,

You're killin' it.

And, though your face may not show it, the proof is in the pudding in the form of those three utterly deliciously humans whom you cooked for nine months and have since been decorating in love and guidance year after year after year.

Hey you,

You think you're a "hot mess," but if that's the case, well, then the world could do without anything cold or clean ever again.

Hey you,

You are an uber-authentic being who is finally, fully and confidently accepting herself and what's hotter than that?


So, hey you, hear this:

You're owning who you are, working on who you are, and sharing who you are, and that's impressive as hell.


(Thank you for coming to my #TEDtalk which you may have confused for a self-pep-talk in the bathroom.)

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