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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Stop Chasing the Myth of Perfection

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Ok. Here’s the thing.

Perfection is a myth. A complete and total myth.

You will never be perfect.

None of us will ever be perfect.

So why do you keep chasing perfection?

Why do you beat yourself up when you make a mistake?

Why do you call yourself a failure when you simply didn’t achieve perfection?

Why do you walk through each day with your eyes laser-focused on the goal of perfection?

You are playing a game you cannot win and then telling yourself awful things because you did not win.

What if instead of chasing perfection you chased peace?

What if instead of striving for perfection you strive to put yourself and those that matter most first?

What if instead of trying to be perfect you tried to just be you?

What if instead of living your life in search of perfection you took a long look at yourself in the mirror and realized that everything you think you need is already standing right there before you?

What if you let yourself be perfect for you?


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