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Challenge: Sleep Confessions

Stop Asking About My Baby's Sleep

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Something I wasn’t prepared for after having a baby were the questions I would get about his sleep. Namely, well-meaning friends and relatives would always ask if he was “sleeping through the night.”

I was asked this days after he was born and am still asked this now, at 3 months.

And the answer to that question is always.... NOPE!

Please, DO NOT ask this to new sleep-deprived parents!!!

Being constantly asked this question and always saying “no” made me feel like a failure...what am I doing wrong? He’s not sleeping in his crib and needs me to co-sleep with him...but everyone is expecting him to be able to sleep independently. So I feel guilty.

But you know what? It’s NORMAL for babies to wake up at night to feed and get snuggles. It’s okay if you need to co-sleep to help your baby- you aren’t ruining him.

Once I decided to screw everyone else’s expectations, nighttime became so much less stressful. I’m working on helping my guy sleeping independently, and starting our nights with a routine and setting him down in his own crib, but if he needs feedings or snuggles in the night it’s okay. HE’S A BABY. His brain is hardwired to need his mama.

Heck, I’m almost 30 and I don’t know if I’ve ever “slept through the night” without waking or going to the bathroom.

Give up the expectations of everyone else, and do what works for YOU! With everything in life really but ESPECIALLY with baby sleep!

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