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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Stay and slay in your lane (OR DON'T)

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They say that you should "stay in your lane."

Then they expect and exclaim for you to "slay in your lane."

But, what about those of us who don't know

which flippin' lane we're supposed to be in


where the heck we are going.


I want to stay in my lane, but I don't know which flippin' lane is mine.

Is it the one with the Pinterest Moms?

Is it the one with the PTA moms?

Is it the one with the working moms?

What about the SAHMs -- should I be in their lane?

Is it the lane in which all the drivers wear leggings, curse under our breath, and rock top knots?

Should I be in the lane with those that are still married?

What about the empathetic mamas -- should I ride along with them?

Is there a lane for utterly imperfect people? 'Cause that one sounds right up my alley.

But, seriously, I have no clue which lane I should be in.

I also have no clue where I'm going,

what my "ideal" future looks like,


if I'll ever get there, or even like it if when I do.

How can you expect a woman

-- who takes on so many roles in her lifetime --

to pick one road and happily travel it while

the monkeys she birthed are undoubtedly making a mess, arguing, and causing a ruckus in the backseat,

and her dear husband is picking on her driving and directional skills?

You can't.

And you shouldn't.

Seriously, what the heck kind of adventure would you be on if you stayed in the same predictable lane your whole gosh darn life?

Not much of one, I suppose.

And, I have to assume that you want and need adventure, just like me and as much as the next.

They say you should stay and slay in your lane, but me, I say that you should take a sharp left, ditch the predictable path, and off-road your life a bit.

Because -- get this --

when you're having trouble seeing the course,

it's hard to stay the course,

UNLESS it is that you're the course creator

and in that case, you get to figure it out as you go.

It's kind of scary, but it's also fun as hell.

I hope you enjoy the ride because I sure am (that is when I’m not completely overwhelmed by it or complaining about it).

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