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Challenge: Back to School

First Time Worries for Entering Preschool

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To my son,

You are starting preschool so soon. You have grown so quickly into a silly, chatty, amazing little boy. You are curious and excited to learn new things. You are warm and loving with others, always trying to make new friends. You are charming, in an adorable and manipulative way. You amaze me each and every day.

School was such an important and formative part of my life and I am so excited for you to begin this journey. But also can't help feeling a bit anxious. This is the first time you are not with a parent or a caregiver. This is the beginning of a new chapter with new friends and new experiences. One that undoubtedly will also come with challenges, frustrations and lots of learning for both of us. Your father and I (along with our village), have spent the last two years trying our best to make you feel secure, protected, confident and loved. Trying to build you into a person who will thrive in new environments and make the best of situations.

But, I worry (I'm a Jewish mother)…how can I not?

I worry…you will not be able to sit still.

I worry…you will not follow directions.

I worry…other kids will pick on you.

I worry…you will cry when snack time is over.

I worry…you will not be assertive enough.

I worry…you will not stop talking.

As much as I worry, there are many things I also know just from being your mom.

I know…you will engage others and try to make them laugh.

I know…you will have fun.

I know…you will love gym and reading.

I know…you will potty train (eventually).

I know…you will try to flirt with your teacher.

I know…you will be excited to learn new things.

School can be a wonderful place, but it also can be a scary place. It is okay for both of us to feel a little nervous. It is okay for both of us to be a little sad when we leave each other that first day. It is okay for us both to take our time to figure it out.

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