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Spread the happy, not the virus

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These past few days have certainly been crazy. Coronavirus fears and attempts to "flatten the curve" of the spread have most of us at home. Together. Nonstop.

“Unprecedented.” “Historical.” “Tragic.” “Hoarding.” “Panic.” “COVID-19.” “Deadly."

This is what has been filling up my feeds. My news. My morning shows. The radio. The papers. EVERYWHERE. And while important and factual news is absolutely necessary right now, it is still scary. Especially to our children. Can you even imagine being a child right now?

“Why am I not going to school?” “Why isn’t Daddy going to work?” “Why is Mommy so worried?” “Will we get the coronavirus?” “Will Grandma?” “How come I can’t leave the house?”

If our adult heads are spinning in the questions of the unknown, what in the ever-lovin’ world are their lil’ everything-absorbing brains doing?! I’ve seen some informative & great suggestions for navigating a scheduled, regimented homeschooling environment, but honestly, that’s not for us. We’re a bit more laid-back. A bit more “chill” as my not-so-little ones would say.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family. I really do. I love to read and I love to write. But there’s a reason I never signed up for homeschooling. And that’s because I totally stink at it!

But, I’m giving it my all. I’m trying like heck to limit their snacks to a maximum of 20 per day, make sure everyone has at least brushed their teeth by lunch and attempt to close the day knowing they did something academic. Literally anything academic. I know, it’s not stellar. But, it is what it is.


What I am good at? Crafting. Creating. Cooking. Baking. Fixing. Empathy. Caring for others. These are things I can teach my kids all day long without breaking a sweat. These are life lessons that I can provide them during these strange and unusual days of our lives.

Will my children look back at this time of their life thankful that Mom made them practice math facts for 2 hours and write an essay on Moby Dick? Heck no, because that just ain't happening here. What is happening here in our little house is lots more hugs and kisses. Long, leisurely walks around our neighborhood. Relaxed playtime with big messes. Extra desserts after dinner. Lots of read aloud storybooks and old-school records played. A lot of laughing and a bit of fighting. Later bedtimes and sleepy mornings. No crazy busy schedules. No rushing-around-all-over-town evenings. No sports, no clubs. My days are completely open to every single person in this house that needs me.

There are so many ways to look at everything that's going on around us. So many stories and so much negative to get sucked into. Instead, I'm choosing happy. I'm looking at the next few days, weeks, maybe even months, as time I've been gifted with my family. Time I didn't have before. Time I'll never have again.

We're in this together. How will your family #spreadthehappy? What are YOU doing to get through these next few days, weeks, months? What fun ideas have you thought of to keep the kids engaged & busy? What about for your community? Your elderly neighbors & friends? How can we help? What can we do while following the rules of social distancing?


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