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Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: Open Discussion

​Sometimes my kids don’t wanna listen to me

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Sometimes my kids don’t wanna listen to me.

Whether it’s

homework advice,

gentle coaching on how to handle a tough social situation,

tips and tricks for succeeding in life,

guidance on being socially aware and awake to what it means to be things like




a great listener and conversationalist,

a problem-solver,


a grace-giver.

Sometimes my kids don’t wanna listen to me.

Because they think they know better?


Because they think maybe I don’t know as much as I think?


They’re not wrong here, yet neither am I.

And what I’ve realized is that when I give them space,

and I take a little space for myself,

we both return to the safe space of each other’s presence with

1) a renewed willingness to really hear each other


2) the patience and openness it takes to do so.



what is procured from our meeting of the minds and meeting in middle,


1) a collaborative effort to solve the day’s problem,


2) a promise to arrive at that sweet spot sooner next time.

Parenting is a trip. But do you remember being a kid and not being the driver??

It’s a challenge for the both of us.


— without a doubt —

one we are up for and will rise to.

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