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Sometimes Love Looks Like Spin-Art and Messy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Sometimes love looks like spin-art and messy chocolate chip cookies.

One of the most difficult transitions since becoming a mom of three is finding the time to have one-on-one time with each of my children. The baby has demanded so much of my time and energy and homeschooling my kindergartener has also taken much of our previous “down time.” Add in some work deadlines and my husband’s Fire Department schedule and sometimes you just feel lost in the chaos of everyday life and to-do lists.

My almost three-year-old has never taken traditional naps (follow me for more sleep advice🥴) and my five-year old likes to wake up before the crack of dawn. Before having my third child, I would spend individual time with my daughter while my son had his daily nap time and spend individual time with my son when he woke up insanely early.

Now that the baby also likes to be up all around-the-clock, feelings of failure have hit me like a ton of bricks because my children both crave that quality time. They thrive with quality time. They long for it like a pregnant woman’s intense cravings. It is most definitely their love language at this point in time (like their dad!).

Lately as we’ve been working to find our groove, God is showing me that sometimes you go through seasons of chaos that make it difficult to have consistent quality time. My husband and I are seeing that more and more in this current season of parenting three needy littles. But, it’s more about just being intentional with pockets of time.

Yesterday, my son was having quiet time in his room, the baby was just fed and happy playing, and my daughter asked to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies together. Even though we didn’t have baking soda like the recipe called for (also follow me for baking advice😂), we mixed those ingredients and taste-tested some chocolate chips, and she threw those sprinkles in like a boss.

When my son re-joined us, we took a few minutes to make the spin-art he’s been begging to do. He lit up like fireflies in a summer night sky.

I needed this more than I realized. You will go through seasons of defeat and chaos and unpredictability. You will go through seasons where you have to be a little more creative in showing people how much you care. It’s in those seasons where we have to be intentional and rejoice in those sweet pockets of quality time.

Sure, I already spend a lot of time with my kids. All. Day. Every. Single. Day. But that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes hearts need to connect on a deeper level.

Children need to be seen … just like we do.

I hope you can find your pockets of time today. With your spouse. With your kids.

It doesn’t matter if you are making spin-art, washing dishes and telling jokes, or having your 600th Encanto dance party of the week.

Just find the moments.

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