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Sometimes I hide on the floor

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Sometimes I Hide on the Floor.

So here’s the thing.
I’m a hot mess of a human 95% of the time.
I’m a mom of small kids. I feel like that’s part of the rule book.
Be a bit of a walking frazzled mess but still accomplish everything that needs to get accomplished.

Everything always gets done.
Why? Because it has to. There is no other option.

Moms have this virtual on-switch and can just gogogogogo until we hit a stage of mental and physical exhaustion that can only be rivaled by maybe running a marathon.

Only running a marathon doesn’t include small people hanging off all your extremities begging for orange juice and demanding the last fruit snack. So really it’s not the same.

Side note: if you do run marathons, you are superhuman.
Go on with your bad self, girl!

So yeah, we get a little worn out.
And know what? I’m here to admit a deep dark secret.

…sometimes I hide on the floor.

I said it. I exposed our longstanding motherhood secret.
We all do it.
And frankly if you don’t do it, you really should.
We hide.
From the cleaning and the cooking and the mothering and the all-the-things.
We hide from our kids.
Hiding lets us remember who we are and breathe for a second before we reemerge from the quiet and resume the madness.

When I was a little girl, I would hide in the kitchen cabinets.
Not because I was upset.
Because I could teleport to a make-believe quiet place and revel in my own joyful giggles that no one could find me.

It’s sort of like that.
Only hiding on the floor as a mom is more of a breathe-break.
Nestled into the corner on the tile, out of sight from the tiny army of humans you've created.
Inevitably noticing that the floor needs mopped.

Breathe. Close your eyes. Regroup. Annnnd done.

Moms are made with the durability of one of those indestructible rubber dog chew toys. They’re basically impossible to tear apart, but every now and then, a little rip makes it’s way in.

Not enough to ruin it. Just enough to leave a mark.

And honestly…it’s totally ok to feel defeated.
As long as you don’t let the defeat consume you.

Find a quiet place.
In a closet, in the bathroom, under the covers or like my case… on the kitchen floor.
Don’t feel bad if you need to hide for a few minutes.
Do you. Because even though you’re a mom… you’re still you.

Don’t worry. The toys and wrappers and pee-stained toilets will still all be there for you to clean up when you’re done hiding.

It’s amazing what a few moments of quiet can do for the soul.
And if no one else has told you today… you’re doing an amazing job.

Love & Hugs,
Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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