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Sometimes, God Gives You a Snow Day

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Sometimes, God gives you a snow day...

As a reminder that it's time to slow down.

Because you like to work and work and work, even when your body is screaming for nothing more than a moment's rest.

So he gives you a day filled with warm couch snuggles, hot chocolate by the fire, and endless board games. A day to talk about everything and nothing. A chance to fall even deeper in love with those you share your life with.

Sometimes, God gives you a snow day...

To open your eyes and notice his perfect peace.

He allows a furious storm to rage for days, then cuts it off with the deadest of calm. So calm, that when you step outside, the stillness of the air leaves you absolutely breathless.

Your heart stops as you catch your first glimpse of blue sky and painted clouds after knowing nothing but a swirl of gray and white.

Sometimes, God gives you a snow day...

As an answer to prayer.

With it, He can end a drought, reunite a family, and give you an opportunity to love thy neighbor. Anything is possible!

Sometimes, God gives you a snow day...

Because that is exactly what you need.

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