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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Something has to give, and it's you

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Something has to give.

When life is overscheduled, and everyone is overbooked and overworked,

when time is flying by, and so are opportunities,

as you stand there,



but grateful

for the one you married,

the ones you birthed,

and life’s precious moments

as they sideswipe you,

something has to give.

But, usually, it's someone who gives.

And, it's you -- the wife and mother.

When life is crazy and if ever it's calm,

when all the humans in your home are moody, and if ever, mood-less,

when school is in full force and so are the kids' attitude and behavior,

when you're swamped at work, or you find yourself wishing you were 'cause even that would seem like a break from a full-throttle homelife,

when friendships and relationships are hard or when they are easy, but there's a lack of time for them,

all the time,

every time,

when something has to give,

it's a someone,

and it's you.

Because you are the mom, and that's what you do.

And, while you are really very good at it, don't forget that while something has to give, you also get to get whatever it is that you want from this life and the people you are living it for and with.

If you can believe it, the ones that love you, they want to give of themselves to you too, so don't be afraid to ask for what it is you need.

Something has to give, yes, but you, too, can receive.

Don’t ever forget that.

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