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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Someone, somewhere keeps going because of you

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It’s so easy to move through your week feeling invisible.

Feeling like maybe what you are doing doesn’t matter.

Feeling like no one is really noticing you.

Feeling like some things are pointless.

Day after day you just keep going - tackling your to do list, taking care of others, eyes fixed on some point of hope on the horizon.

But my friends, I promise you someone notices.

Someone, somewhere sees your efforts.

Someone, somewhere pays attention.

Someone, somewhere is motivated by you.

Someone, somewhere keeps going because they see that you keep going.

Someone, somewhere worries when you are missing from the mundane routines of your life.

Just because they may not say it, someone, somewhere is thankful that you are here.

So keep going.

You matter.

You are making a difference.

Your presence creates lasting ripples that are felt more than you could know.

And someone, somewhere will one day tell you just how much you have meant to them.

Maybe today is a good day for you to be that someone, somewhere for someone else too.

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