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Someday I won’t be woken up a hundred times in the middle-of-the-night for little snuggles or to dry little tears.

Someday I won’t have someone try to follow me to the bathroom or ask me to open a snack while I’m in the shower.

Someday I won’t get to watch my toddlers get soaked from splashing in their water table and drag mud all over the house after spending hours outside.

Someday I won’t have little hands reach for mine as we walk down the hallway at the crack of dawn.

Someday I won’t have little arms reach up and ask me to hold them as their head rests on my shoulder.

Someday I won’t have 20 Tupperware containers to clean everyday because they are obsessed with using Tupperware for everything.

Someday I won’t have little voices making up songs in the backseat.

Someday I won’t have little voices squealing “Yay, church!” as we head to Sunday service.

Someday I won’t have little voices say “you’re so beautiful, mommy.”

The days might be long.

The defeat might feel frequent.

But I’m holding on and embracing the chaos of raising tiny humans. For one day, I will get to cheer them on as they do the same.

But for today … I will just be.🖤

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