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Challenge: Dads Got This

So your child has a dental emergency! Now what? Chances are your Dad will know what to do.

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Hopefully if your reading this you will continue - in the event that you may not know what to do in the event of a dental emergency. Whether through dental trauma or decay, dental emergencies are equally as painful and traumatic. Kids never like anything to do with dentists.

So lets go through the possible scenarios: chipped or broken teeth or possible root canal in a teenager or an avulsled (knocked out tooth). All highly likely situations that can cause a lot of angst.....

Chipped or Broken Teeth - Even if it is baby tooth, it is still very important to go to the dentist office. The danger against bacteria entering the pulp or nerve and causing an infection is an issue. A dentist will need to ascertain the level of damage and seal it. If you can locate the piece of broken tooth put in a cup of saliva ( your child's saliva) or milk and bring to the dentist office immediately.

An avulsed (knocked out tooth) - Keep the child calm. Do not over react or panic. Pick up the tooth - not by the root. If you can insert the child's tooth then do this. Tell the child to keep it in place with a tissue or gauze until you arrive at the dental office. If it cannot be re-inserted put it into a glass of milk or cup of saliva ( your child's saliva) and head straight to the dentist's office.

Swelling in the jaw - ( infection or possible root canal) - this may seem more serious than you think. Make an appointment at the dentist immediately. Root canals are serious and can damage neighboring teeth.

In all the above cases you can give your child a dose of Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen as prescribed by the dentist or advised by the dentist.

If your child is active in contact sports be sure to make them wear a mouthguard. Incidents such as major toothache can be prevented by regular cleanings and check ups.

Marc Liechtung, DMD is a cosmetic dentist in NYC. If you have an emergency situation and are looking for an emergency dentist in NYC then we are open six days a week. If you are looking emergency dentist in Queens then visit us at Kew Gardens Dental Arts where we are open also on Saturdays.Wherever you live google ' emergency dentist (then your lcoation) ' . If you are not having luck then look for a weekend dentist or pediatric dentists. Even on Sundays you should be able to find a dentist but you may have to drive.

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