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So what if there are dirty dishes in the sink and the laundry is overflowing

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So what if there are dirty dishes in the sink.

Your loved ones are fed.

So what if the laundry is overflowing.

Your loved ones are clothed. Maybe not the youngest who typically likes to run around in her undies, but everyone else.

So what if you don't look like a supermodel?

Your loved ones have a front-row seat at what it looks like to be a super model of an authentic human.

So what if you're carrying 10-15 extra pounds?

Your loved ones, those eating adventures with them and your kids' memories of lovingly sharing icecream with Mommy are worth every gosh darn pound.

So what if your kids are loud.

Your loved ones are being raised to appreciate and use their voice. Bravo, mama.

So what if you make mistakes.

You're loved ones can and will benefit from the growth you are going through right in front of their soul-bearing, impressionable eyes.

So what if you're an imperfect being.

Your loved ones are too.

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