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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

So many mistakes... but it’s okay.

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I make a lot of mistakes and one of my daughters


, ever so kindly, with a little bit of sass, brought a few of my mistakes to my attention last night.

She is feeling a disconnect and wants our relationship to quickly repair, so we can go back to our fun-loving relationship, not the one lately, which is filled with dirt, grime and all things pulling us down.

But in order to resolve and restore us, we need to dig deep, lay it all out there and get right down to the ugly parts. Yuck... I hate those deep rooted ugly parts that often need to drudged out from the depths, in order to see the light, but we had to buckle up and get to digging.

We dug...
and we dug some more.

Friends, some parts may have been hard to digest and swallow, I admit, but it’s exactly what my ears needed to hear.

I will make mistakes and I will continue to mess up today, tomorrow and many days to come...
I am human and I have to be okay with mistakes.

But what I can’t be is complacent when my daughter reaches out to talk openly about a few things that need to change.

I also can’t help but remind her that I’m human.

I don’t mean to not lift my head from my phone these past few months.... I am listening to every word, but I am also engrossed in writing my heart out, while also trying to relieve some of this awful boredom, by watching pointless videos and scrolling endlessly...I am human.

I don’t mean to nit-pick at every little thing... but sometimes I simply can’t take the messy room, not lending a helping hand, and the way everything is left until the last minute, it makes me feel a bit off balanced and downright uncomfortable... I am human.

I will make a bunch of errors.
I will have a lack of patience at times.
And sometimes I may even lack engagement...I am human.

But I’m trying.

Every day I try...

I try to provide a home filled with love and compassion, while offering support and comfort.
I try to laugh, belly laugh, each day... but lately that has been a bit hard.
I try to love harder each and every day, knowing my flaws, but recognizing each mistake is backed up with an insurmountable amount of love.

So yeah, I have been making a lot of mistakes lately, but I’m learning...I’m human.

Who knew even after being a mom for seventeen years, I would still truly not know what I’m doing.

That handbook on motherhood?

Nope, still doesn’t exist.... so I will continue to make mistakes as I navigate being a mom.

But each night, as I collapse onto my bed, even on the hardest of days, my heart is full knowing these four things.

Our home is filled with:
Forgiveness and

Mistakes are forgiven with grace, and digging up the ugly, only lends way to the light.

A light that can always be found, even in the darkest of times.

Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge letting us know we have not been ourselves, to own our mistakes, move forward and get back to the light.

Mistakes happen... I’m human.

But the love emanating from my daughter’s sweet soul allows me to close my eyes each night, knowing tomorrow is a new day, hopefully filled with one less mistake and my light shining ever so brightly again.

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