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A Slime-Obsessed Child's Dream Come True

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It's 30 degrees outside — so what better time to have a pool party?

Like most 11-year-olds, our daughter is elbows deep in this slime craze. So when she asked to make a pool full of slime, the normal flood of anxiety and questions came to my mind. How were we going to clean it up? How much would it cost? What if the kids got stuck there permanently? After calming myself down from a mini panic attack, I decided to purchase the supplies.

Over Christmas break, we decided to have a pool party ... IN OUR HOUSE! We filled up a kiddie pool in the middle of our living room, dumped all of the ingredients into the pool and used our bodies (diaper and all) to mix the slime.

Often as parents we get caught up in the messes. We try to avoid them and are often frustrated by them. I find myself being stern and businesslike with my kids in attempt to keep my home in order.

This experience taught me something incredibly valuable. Messes aren't so bad. As long as you aren't teaching your children to destroy things and have no regard for them, making a mess isn't a bad thing. The amount of effort it took to clean up from this potentially horrific mess was worth every giggle, every smile, every "I can't believe this is happening." These are the moments they will remember. These are the moments they will look back on and say, "How cool."

So today I'm wearing my "Cool Mom" badge proudly!

Click here for the full video on YouTube.


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