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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

Mama, when you believe you are enough, size doesn't matter

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Size doesn’t matter, mama.

It means absolutely nada, zero, zip, zilch. If you have a smaller waistline, you won’t be happier in motherhood. I can guarantee it.

If you can see your clavicle, it won’t make you more successful in your parenting.

I can guarantee it, mama.

If you have thigh-gap, it won’t make you fit in with the moms you want to fit in with.

I can guarantee it, mama.

You’ll have the same problems you would at any size.

Because if you weren’t happy, losing weight will not make you all of a sudden feel happy.

Because if you weren’t feeling good as a mom, losing weight is not going to make you all of a sudden feel like supermom.


Because if they weren’t your mom group at one size, they won’t be your mom group at another size.

You will just be thinner with the same issues until you make some necessary changes in your life.

And maybe you developed even more issues from all the grief, starvation, and exercise getting to that desired weight caused.

I bet you didn’t think about that.

We need to all throw a wrench at that picture-perfect image. We all struggle in motherhood. We shouldn’t be as good as our last accomplishment. We should just be ourselves and love, and that should be enough.

So, own that space, mama.

All shapes and sizes are beautiful — there are no exceptions — it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

I hope you know:

You are never too much, too smart, too anything.

The only thing that needs to be small are those thoughts, not your body size.

The you that you are is enough.

Believing you are enough when the world whispers otherwise is the hardest and bravest thing you can do.

Because when we believe we are enough, we become happier, more successful, and find our people — and life gets so much better.

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