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Challenge: Finding Your Village

Size Does Not Matter

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When it comes to a village ... size does not matter. There is so much talk in the current parent-culture about “your village.” At times, especially for new mothers, it can make you feel like you need to grasp on to the nearest mom, and hope they will join you as you set out to put together a “village.”

Don’t let this whole village talk get to you. It’s human nature to feel like others have this whole mom-village thing down and you’re left out like the last kid picked for dodgeball back in kindergarten … We have all been there right???

Parents of mostly toddler aged children were recently polled on how many FEEL like they don’t have a village. The results were 79% of these parents feel like they don’t have a village. When we followed up with some of the parents who participated in the poll, it was clear that most of them felt that at some point during this whole parenting thing they weren’t getting the help they needed.

The take-away from these results is to realize that you are not alone with this feeling as most parents are feeling the same way. Try focusing on your village quality rather than the quantity. Having just that one village member who will listen and won’t judge is far more valuable than five people who are just warm bodies.

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