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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Sisters: battling and loving through a pandemic

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With four teenage daughters all at home, remote learning, not having many social outlets and activities still on somewhat of a stand still, some days become a battle ground.

But just as the battle is imploding all around me, I’m also quickly reminded of the aftermath and how truly blessed I am.

They may argue over silly things, like who took their leggings, phone charger, or hair ties...

but they also relish in, sitting side by side, watching countless YouTube videos laughing hysterically, as they rest their heads on one another, after a long day of school.

They may find flaws in each other’s daily habits and be bothered by how one sister is chewing, which way she parts her hair, or how she scrapes the fork against the bowl every time she eats...

but they also cherish those little habits with a love/ hate relationship... but shhhh don’t tell them I have figured this out.

They may nitpick with each other about picking up the wet towels off of the bathroom floor and wiping the toothpaste out of the sink, since everyone claims it’s not theirs and they often find their own filth gross...

but each and every day I am witness to something special.

I see daily how they adore each other in simple ways.

Maybe it’s grabbing a water bottle for each other without being asked...

offering help on a difficult question for school...

or spending time together, running an errand, to get out of the house...

Or maybe it’s offering advice about a boy...

laughing at a joke, which wasn’t so funny...

or just being next to each other, a closeness only sisters can share.

What a blessing it is to witness these girls growing up together.

It’s messy.
It’s honest.
It’s silly.
It’s difficult.
It’s being a family.

And even when the house is a complete side show, with teenage girls dramatically arguing or going at each other with words I’m not incredibly proud of, I can step back with confidence knowing this too shall pass.

They will forgive.
They will move on.
They will be reunited within minutes, as they join together dancing and belly laugh harder than ever.

These moments during the pandemic they will remember for a life time.

When I think ahead to my grown children all coming home to visit, I know they will go back to the moments, at home, during this historical period of time.

I can just envision them now, taking their same seat at the table like they do every night for dinner, talking over each other, remembering fondly some of the pandemic memories they created.

Memories created sometimes amongst the chaos and stressors of life.

But isn’t this what life is all about?

These sisters know how to fight hard but then forgive and continue to love hard.
These sisters have each other and know how to create something beautiful out of a difficult situation.

To know I will forever have these four amazing women along side me for the rest of my life, challenging, forgiving and laughing through the process of all of us growing up, simply makes me smile. And for that I am truly blessed.

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