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Simplest Things You can do to make this Easter Memorable for Kids

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I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder, but I love to save. Holiday supplies and decorations in particular because honestly, who would like to spend their hard-earned cash on different kinds of 4th of July products like four-leaf clovers, flags or other stuff every year?

Storing all these supplies, I buy every year saves me quite a lot. It is useful since I don’t get to spend my precious hours waiting in queues to get inside the shopping malls to the buy the same products every year during the busiest holiday seasons. Are you a hoarder like me? Do you wish to become a secret member of the hoarding society? All you need is a giant box to store some goods and a glass of wine. However, the wine part is entirely up to you.

Take a brief sneak peek into your holiday closet and look out for tips and suggestions for making next year’s Easter the most memorable.

Plastic Eggs: Once the plastic eggs are plundered with candy, preserve all the plastic eggs you bought and used for future. You can use the eggs for next Easter and make it look like new with a few touch-ups and finishes. These eggs are best used for the basket or hunting and are quite popular among the children.

The plastic eggs are also quite useful for holding out the snacks or for playtime for your children.

Stuffed Animals: These are the best things you can use for Easter. Save all the stuffed animals that you bought for your children, or they received from different relatives and peoples and placed it inside the baskets every year. These stuffed animals are the most popular among the children, and they fill up your basket with a great space while these stuffed toys become a joke among the elderly.

The Great Easter Baskets: Don’t throw away these baskets in the bin. Keep the large ones who are in good shape for the next year. However, also save the smaller baskets which kids usually get as a gift from the relatives and friends.
These baskets are quite famous for the egg-hunts organized by the local community and town administrators, or simply, you can use these baskets as décor for your house.

Easter Grass: You must be well aware of the fact that these grasses are made from the plastic – and I’m quite sure that they are not allowed in the bin. Alternatively sending them to the landfill, you can use this grass for the next Easter by preserving it in the Ziploc bag. If you are using the paper type of grass for Easter, then you can do the same and use it next year.

Cellophane – Save It: If your Easter Bunny is swaddled around the baskets in cute-colored cellophane, tie it up with a decent brow at the top. Through this method, the kids will be able to open up the baskets effectively without damaging cellophane.

Fold the cellophane and use it in the next Easter. These recycled products save you a lot of money and keep your spending on a budget.

Purchase in Bulk Quantity: For kids, it’s not mandatory to buy them plenty of Easter egg pencils or bunny bubbles in a one go. Divide the quantity, and save them for next year if they are still into it, place it in their basket.

Post-Holiday Shopping: Following the day of Easter, it is the perfect time to enter those discount stores or dollar shops to purchase different kinds of goods and gifts for the holiday. If your kids Easter eggs or baskets were damaged during the event, the best time to purchase the goods for next year is after the festival has finished. During the no festival days, you can purchase different types of products for various festivals for cheap and save them for the future.


In my opinion, these are the most effective tips I can give you guys. I have been using these tips for a long time as they assist me a lot in saving and purchasing the type of goods I want for different festivals. Hoarding is not bad if it’s done efficiently. It not only saves your cash but also helps you to spend on a tight budget. That’s all folks. See you next year.

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