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Simple Ways to Save on Your Family’s Groceries

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No matter what your situation is in life, you need to eat. Luckily, there are a wide range of foods out there priced to fit any budget.

Even if you can’t afford that fancy filet mignon every night, you can still eat healthily on a budget.

People often get trapped into buying cheaper junk food, because it is typically the cheapest food. If you care about your family and yourself, though, you should avoid this at all costs – no matter how large (your health) or small (the price) they may be.

Here are some tips to help you feed your family quality, healthy foods without breaking the bank.

1) Check Online for Discounts, Go to the Store Then

You should always check to see what kind of discounts are available before going to the store. Some weeks may have special deals on the foods your family loves to eat, while others they may be full price.

Be sure to check online or in the circulars to see when your favorite foods are on sale and only go during those times if you can.

I always am on the lookout for deals on meats – such as chicken breast and beef – because these typically take up a large portion of my family’s budget.

2) Buy in Bulk, Cook in Bulk

I love planning out meals for the next 2 or 3 weeks and purchasing it all at once. Furthermore, I try to kind meals with common ingredients so I can purchase the items in bulk – typically saving money.

In order to save time cooking these foods, I try to mass-cook my meals on a Saturday or Sunday. I can then put them in containers and pop them in the kids’ lunch boxes or in the microwave for easy prep.

This is especially nice after a long day of work.

3) Shop at Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s Club, etc.

Though you have to pay an annual fee, these stores are truly a great deal. What you end up paying as the fee is easily made up after a few trips due to the low prices these stores offer.

I estimate that I save around 20%, on average, as compared to buying the same amount of food at other stores.

In addition, these stores sell items in bulk, meaning I have to make less trips to the store, saving even more money!

If you are put off by the membership fee, you shouldn’t be. Trust me, you’ll be happy you purchased a membership.

4) Use Coupon Apps

There are many coupon apps out there that help you save without having to break out the scissors.

Most of these apps – such as Ibotta, Checkout 51, and The Coupons App – will automatically give you savings either at the register or after you arrive home.

Just select the items you are purchasing, scan your phone if at the register or your receipt with your phone after you’ve arrived home, and you will automatically earn cash back or savings on what you bought.

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