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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Simple Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids of All Ages + Christmas Countdown Calendars (Free Printables)!

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I am a firm believer that small intentional acts of kindness can change the world and absolutely know that even busy Moms and little kids can make a big impact.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

Recently, a blogging friend shared such wise words in a write up on Daily Points of Light “It’s not big acts of service that change kids,” says Sheila. “It’s the small daily repetitive actions, that 20 minutes a day where we all think about something else other than ourselves. It’s a way to fight the sense of entitlement that so many kids have. I couldn’t agree more and it’s a much needed reminder. And isn’t that true in all of life? It really is the little things that add up to be the big things.

Still – if you’re anything like me, you may have plenty of good intentions and heart to make a difference, but time and organization? Not so much. That’s why I wanted to post a Christmas Countdown Kindness Calendar in our home this year as a visual reminder of our goals and I’m sharing it with you to be able to do the same!

Free Printable Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar

Just click to download: Christmas Countdown Kindness

Or you can also print a free countdown chain you can use with your kids if you prefer!

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Chain

You'll need:

  • Kindness ideas paper strips
  • White cardstock
  • Stapler or double sided tape
  • Scissors or paper cutter

I think the best part about this printable countdown chain is that you can use it any way you want! You can go through and pick out the ideas you want to do with your family and put together the chain yourself. Then each day the kids can take a link off the chain to see which act of kindness they are doing to do.

Or you can let the kids choose which ideas they want to do this year and put them all in a jar. Then every time your family does an act of kindness you can add a link to the chain. It’s such a fun & motivating way for the kids to watch kindness grow!

Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar

Acts of Kindness Strips2

Acts of Kindness Strips3

Click here to download: Acts-of-Kindness-Strips

You could even cut the strips apart and put them all in jar or bowl all mixed up together. Then each day you can randomly pick a strip with a creative way to be kind that day!

If 25 acts of kindness during December seems overwhelming then start with just a few, or whatever works for you. I bet you’ll be surprised at how many you are able to do once you get rolling!

Maybe add a few of these ten books to help kids celebrate the reason for the season to your daily routine in December too? These books are great teaching tools for processing and debriefing on why it’s important to treat others with kindness in the first place!

Grab your fun & easy FREE acts of kindness printable Christmas countdown calendar! You'll find two different versions for two different ways to print and implement that even the smallest of children can be be a part of too!

Want more? Here are a few of my favorite Christmas kindness resource ideas:

Looking for even more ideas to instill a passion for service and inspire your kids to be kind all year long?

You can find this post originally published on right here. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season!

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