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Shout Out To Those Who Say "Yes!"

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I’ve been running my non-profit for 10+ years and continue to be grateful for the people who say “yes” to supporting our hardworking teen entrepreneurs.

Over the last few weeks I’ve sent lots of “thank you” emails and multiple “you rock” texts, but today I thought ….

“Why not publicly say “thank you” to the people who have helped WIT teens thrive this summer and maybe they can help you thrive, too?”

These individuals (and more) have inspired our teen entrepreneurs and I'm confident they will inspire you, too. Whether you are confronting limiting beliefs, trying to figure out how to balance work and working on your passion, or maybe just in need of some new tools in your self-care toolbox, these entrepreneurs can help!

Enjoy listening to podcasts that inspire you to face your limiting beliefs and get you empowered to take risks and live the life of your dreams? Check out Lori Harder’s podcast Earn Your Happy. Each episode has at least one powerful takeaway that you can apply immediately to your life.


Looking to add tools to your mental health toolbox? Check out what Sheila Darcey is doing with her book Sketch by Sketch. Her approach is all about transforming your life, processing your emotions, and finding joy through sketching.

Stephanie Burns is full of tips and tools when it comes to helping entrepreneurs get press and recognition. Her articles for Entrepreneur, Forbes, and TODAY Show provide guidance for those starting their entrepreneur journey and inspiration for those growing and scaling their business.


Live A Great Story founder, Zach Horvath, has for years been a loyal supporter of our WIT Teens. This summer he virtually stopped by to share about the power of “storytelling” in business and in life. Zach has created a world-wide movement that continues to inspire and empower people. You might even own one of his products!

Taking a break from Hollywood, Erman Baradi, came to help WIT Teens understand the importance of patience when it comes to building a brand and the power of social media. Known as the "Top Networker in Hollywood", Erman

458c64e884b0930c252dc6b6fdd97d799859bb65.pngalso provided valuable tips on how to build authentic connections. Looking to laugh and get inspired? Check out his insta.

Thanks to these adults (and others) my vision for making sure teens got to meet other adults who truly care about teen voices and ideas became reality. I also hope that they might help your life visions become reality by engaging with their content, platforms, podcasts, and programs.

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