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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Should I choose India as my next volunteering destination?

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India is the land of diversity and variety. Although the country is making progress and many people are getting chances to get employment but still there are many areas in the country where people are living in poverty.

They don’t have food to eat, finance to educate their children and houses to stay in. India has every kind of traveler and people love to visit the magical land because of colorful festivals, landscapes, hospitable people and above all diverse culture.

India is one of the best places in the world where people can work as there are many fields available.

If you are really willing to Volunteer Work in India you can confidently choose it because of following reasons.

Helping needy people in several ways.

Usually, volunteer traveler work under NGO and their main aim are to help the needy person. In India, you can facilitate children by giving them free education. You can arrange a class for children and teach those English or any type of ethics. You will not only enjoy by doing so but also feel satisfaction on doing such work. Children really love to enjoy attending such classes. This makes your travel meaningful as well as memorable.

Community Development.

There are plenty of volunteer projects in India. You can choose child care, women empowerment or involvement in development work in the beautiful region. There you will find the opportunity to immerse yourself and will get a chance to meet the like-minded individuals. You can work with them, provide them different ways to spend their lives in a better way. A little guidance can improve one’s life. Try to motivate and encourage their abilities so that people feel good to live life happily.

Work with children with disabilities.

A child with any disability usually lacks confidence and unable to face challenges in the world. In India, you, can work with such innocent children and modify their thoughts. You can help to assist their living as well as help them to improve their environment. In countries, like India, people don’t show love to such people but you can bring change to thoughts and bring change in overall environment.

Provision of health services.

It is an excellent opportunity for those who love to provide health care services to people. Travelers who have enough finance can arrange some health camps where you can provide them

  • Free checkup services
  • Medicines
  • Finance for laboratory tests and much more.

In this way, you can sort out many health problems in particular state. You can also arrange a seminar where you can guide people about prevention of certain diseases like typhoid, dengue, tuberculosis, malaria and other epidemic diseases that are common in Indian villages.

Travelling India is cost effective.

Volunteering travel is an affordable way to travel to other countries as most agencies sponsor the fee or charge low fares that volunteer travel can afford easily. The fee covers your

  • Meal
  • Accommodation
  • Local guidance

You can choose India due to cost effectiveness and will be satisfied on providing such services to the needy Indian people.

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