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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Short naps got you down?

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It can be extremely frustrating when you spend a longer amount of time putting your baby to sleep than they actually spend asleep, especially for naps. Here are some common reasons for short naps:

  • Being awake too long

Make sure your baby isn’t staying awake longer than they are able to and crossing over into hyper-overdrive! View baby sleep chart

  • Schedule issues

Is playgroup at a time when your baby should be sleeping? It might be time to prioritize sleep instead of socializing and find a different playgroup!

  • Inconsistent routines

Develop consistent nap times for your baby. This will help develop a cycle in their bodies called the circadian rhythm. This will tell them when to be awake and when to sleep.

  • Negative sleep props

If your baby requires you to put them to sleep then they don’t have any self-soothing skills to put themselves to sleep. This can include nursing to sleep, a pacifier, rocking, or holding.

How do you solve the short nap nightmare??

  • Sleepy cues and clocks

Watch for rubbing eyes, a dazed stare, looking away when trying to engage in play, and crankiness. Watch the clock to monitor how many hours they have been awake.

  • Consistency

It sounds so easy but it’s probably the hardest thing to do! Consistency will seem boring for you after the fifth time but this is what will pay off the most. Have consistent wake-up times, eating times, and bedtimes.

  • Positive sleep props

Develop a good nap and bedtime routine to help transition from being awake into being asleep. A nap routine can include sitting and reading a book, singing a calm song while cuddling and then into bed.

Remember that sleep is a 24 hour process and when a baby isn’t sleeping enough, they will have a hard time to stay asleep which results in naps that last around 30 minutes. Use these simple tips to get your baby to start sleeping long and as always, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation if you are still having issues!

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Courtney Landin is a child sleep specialist and nutritionist. Her philosophy is that sleep, nutrition, and exercise create a healthy and happy life. Her work focuses on educating parents about the importance of sleep, nutrition, and physical activity for the entire family and how to help them thrive!

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