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She’s Overwhelmed. Be Patient With Her.

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She’s overwhelmed.

Be patient with her.

Moms tend to carry the emotional load.


Our family is single income. Our oldest is asthmatic, and our house is a mess.

Our boys are little and learning to cooperate. And sit still. And behave.

And even though Dad is armed with reason and good humor, mom leads with her heart.

Mom prays for guidance and discernment and can’t help but feel sadness if things don’t work out.

And now this new uncertainty over what to do and where to go adds even more pressure to her mind that’s already filled with complex thoughts.

Should we take him to ball practice? What if his allergies act up?

Should we make another run to the store? What if we missed getting something we’ll need?

And then there’s the noise.

And the coughs.

And the crumbs.

And I don’t have to tell you what usually happens next...

“Hot lava.”

(Using my kids’ favorite wording there.)

She erupts.

She’s worn out. She’s used up. She’s overwhelmed.

So, give her some time.

Give her a hug and a few moments to herself to take a break.

Pray for her and ask God to help you carry the extra weight.

Lead her and show her you are a safe place for her to land.

Listen to her. Really listen to her express her heart. Be her friend.

Because right now, I promise she’s got a lot she’s thinking through.

And you know she’ll find her strength and courage like all moms do.

She just needs a minute to process it all.

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