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She’s always stopping me before the gate

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These days she’s always stopping me before the gate.

My uber intelligent, empathetic, respectful, gorgeous inside and out, seven-year-old, mini human no longer desires for her mother to walk her all the way and right up to the back entrance of her school for morning drop-off.

And, while every time she puts her palm on my side to halt me in my tracks before we've reached the barrier of her campus, I feel a pang of sadness, I am also consumed with pride that I’ve raised a child who feels determined to calmy break away from me when it feels right for her.

You see, it doesn't matter whether or not I enjoy or am comfortable with the deliberately imposed distance she is placing between the two of us, so long as she sees and is reaping its benefit.

The detaching began earlier this year which is her 3rd year at her elementary school.

And, though I am beyond grateful that this impressive as heck public educational institution feels like a second home for both her and me, the truth is that, at present, and many years from now -- when she no longer attends this school -- it is I who will be her forever home.

Do you know what the funny and somewhat ironic thing about raising kids and raising them well is?

That if you raise them right, they develop into confident, self-trusting, independent-thinkers who will undoubtedly spend most of their lives stopping you before the gate.

While my daughter's strong sense of self is a source of pride for me, I do grapple with fleeting fears regarding what she sees (and will continue to see) as my role in her life.

But, I know my blonde-haired, blue-eyed, generally smiley tyke incredibly well and here's what I am sure of --

That if ever she stops me before the gate, her dorm room door, or the altar, it's not because she doesn't love or need me, but because I loved her so well, she just needs me a little bit less -- and that's okay.

These days she’s always stopping me before the gate.

But, some days, she forgets to or purposefully doesn't, and, well, that makes this mama's heart do a little happy dance.

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