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Challenge: WHO Are You?

She’s a mom. She’s me.

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She’s iced coffee when she wakes up and a glass of red wine before bed.

She’s everyone’s alarm clock and isn’t always thrilled when her goes off at 5am.

She’s I’ll rush you out this door because you bet your just-showered bottom I’m gonna get you to school on time.

She’s “Sure! You can have a warm pretzel for breakfast! It’s just bread, pretty much, and that’s the same as toast!”

She’s home-packed lunches with sticky note “I love yous.”

She’s a school volunteer ‘cause it’s important that she’s involved.

She’s snacks after school and a park playground because getting them kids outside, it’s vital.

She’s a chauffeur who wishes she got paid like one.

She’s a homework helper, but if the homework is math-related, Lord help her…and her poor kid.

She’s a dinner that was prepped earlier and a half-the-time dessert giver.

She’s tv time-giving while she showers off all the day’s living.

She’s a book read before the kids go to bed or a funny YouTube video they all watch instead.

She’s parked on the couch when all are asleep but when they wake from it (which they always do) she’s up with a leap.

She’s bedtime at eleven, a quick chat with the Big Guy in Heaven and then up


She’s a hamster on wheel.

She’s a chicken with it’s head cut off.

She’s a squirrel in traffic.

She’s messy.

But she’s always trying.

She’s a mom.

She’s me.

And she’s “enough” and she always will be, no matter what the voice inside her head sometimes tells her.

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