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Challenge: Open Discussion

Shared experiences give us hope

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There is the amazing thing that happens when we go through something together.

When we suffer, grieve, celebrate, struggle together, our hearts become just a little more open, and our empathy starts to grow.

2020 has put us in some unprecedented times for sure. We have felt many of the same fears and worries, we have recognized each other's anxieties and as much as we like to get OUT of these hard feelings immediately because they are uncomfortable, there is something extraordinary about experiencing it together.

I wouldn't go as far to say some of these feelings have been a gift, because they have been real and hard, and even new to some of us.

BUT, I also felt grateful today that I was experiencing them with so many. When we go through hard things together, our hearts open to others and to things we wouldn't normally understand or relate to.

When I struggle with something, I can see someone else hurting and say the simple two words that opens my heart to another:

"me too."
"I feel that too."

And together we choose to have empathy for one another. We don't have to immediately fix each other out of our hard times, which is our number #1 go to, but we get to sit together, experiencing it with each other, and letting our hearts open wide to others' experiences.

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