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Challenge: Get Happy!

"See ya at the party!" What a Bomb-A** Life Motto!

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My toddler follows me e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, and typically, she does so by attaching herself to my right hip and refusing to be put down.

On the few occasions that she is not in my embrace, she can always be found a step behind me -- like literally, I've tripped over her many times.

Sometimes, I feel like I have a tail, and like my lovable, energetic and goofy labs, life with her often feels like I am chasing it incessantly and failing ever to catch it.

However, this morning my little monkey was unattached to me and prancing around the house in full boss-baby style.

She sought me out in the bathroom, as I was putting my make-up on, slammed open the door, and said:

"See ya at the party!"

She then giddily closed the door and ran off, probably to annoy her siblings.

"See ya at the party!"

I repeated her jovial and slightly humorous (seeing as we weren't headed to a party) declaration to myself two more times.

Then I giggled, smiled, and my heart felt full.

My two-year-old just delivered a dynamic life lesson to me no matter how I interpret it.

"See ya at the party!"

Life is a party.

Attend the party.

Attend life.

"See ya at the party!"

You are the party.

Bring it with you wherever you go.

Let others come to the party.

"See ya at the party!"

What a freakin' bomb-a** motto to hear to start my day.

And, it was delivered directly to me by my wonderkid, wise-beyond-her-years toddler, complete with an age-appropriate door slam to ensure it packed its punch.

Message received my young sage.

And to you that is reading this, I'll see you at the party, because now you, too, have been reminded that life, each day, and the hours that make it up will only deliver to us what we provide to it.

I'm forever bringing myself, the hubs and my three love nuggets to the party and I'll never apologize for our noise or our determination to not only be the life of the party but to simply BE LIFE, wherever we go.

Now, where's the beer?

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